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Target Promotions, LLC
Pre-Paid Phone Card Sweepstakes

Target Promotions Products History and Future

Target Promotions, LLC developed the first pre-paid phone card on a roll in 1996. Since that time there have been many companies that have tried and failed to duplicate the success if Target Promotions. The principles of Target Promotions have over 20 years experience in the phone card sweepstakes business. We are very proud to emerge as one of the innovators in this exciting new field of prepaid products, an alternative to the plain vanilla phone cards. We offer the very best product, service and accountability in the industry!

The pre-paid industry is one of the fastest growing sections in American business today as one of the leading retail revenue generators. With the mobile phone market booming, the demand of pre-paid products is increasing at an astonishing rate. In fact, 20 billion dollars in pre-paid products will be sold this year.

The rapidly growing sales of pre-paid products have, until recently, have been monopolized by the big telecommunications companies, forcing businesses as well as the consumer to purchase or reorder product from their preferred vendors at inflated prices. Reorder products have been identified as the majority of profits realized by these manufacturers.

Customers care about lower prices, improved quality and greater availability. Target Promotions acknowledges its role as a leader in the merchandising, marketing and distribution of this alternative pre-paid product. It is our intention to deliver an excellent product to the consumer at the lowest price available. Join us as we continue to expand our distribution channels through innovative, tiered, online direct consumer purchasing.

Become a Distributor

Target Promotions, LLC offers an unparalleled opportunity to build an extremely profitable business from home! Be the first in your area to distribute this new and exciting product.

If you have the enthusiasm and drive to be your own boss, Target Promotions, LLC team wants to help you achieve your goals.

Unlimited Growth Potential

• Complete training & start-up package
• Flexible full or part-time hours
• No experience required
• Flexibility to grow your business at your own pace
• Not MLM or network marketing
• Business-to-business sales

Fast Return on Investment

• Immediate cash flow
• High profit margins
• Low initial investment
• Fast start-up
• Multiple revenue sources
• No monthly franchise fees
• No monthly royalty fees

Highest Quality Products

• Products always in demand
• Home and business markets
• Large prospect pool
• Wide variety of products
• High repeat business potential
• Fast shipping

No Overhead

• No inventory/blind drop shipping plan included
• No building or office required
• No fixed expense
• No employees needed

Ongoing Sales & Technical Support

• A well developed business plan
• Confidential training & operational manual
• Distributor website & graphic services available
• Access to innovative & aggressive marketing tools
• Complete state-of-the-art marketing materials
• Approved advertising materials & promotional graphics

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