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minutesPrepaid Long Distance

Target Pre-Paid Services is dedicated to providing convenient, affordable, reliable long distance service with no gimmicks or fees. We offer all of our valuable services at no cost to you.

When purchasing any of our prepaid calling card products you are assured the quality and reliability that our customers have grown to trust. Our mission is to educate consumers on how to properly manage and maintain all of their long distance calls with a robust set of features available to you for FREE.

These features along with your Prepaid Long Distance Account will allow you to properly manage and budget your monthly long distance needs.

Prepaid Cellular

Prepaid cellular is a Multi Million Dollar industry.

There are tens of millions of consumers using prepaid products everyday and they have to purchase reloads somewhere. Why not profit on these tens of millions of possible customers?

How it Works

A customer walks into your store and purchases a PIN # from the cellular service of their choice. Your cashier hits a few keys on the Merchants Services Terminal (by Target Pre-Paid Services) and out prints the cellular PIN for the customer. The customer pays the cashier and the transaction is over. You just made a profit without housing any inventory. As you can see, the process is easy, fast and profitable. Prepaid cellular is the fastest growing segment of the industry and point poised for more growth in bad economic times. If you already have prepaid cellular, we’ll help you make even more with higher margins.

  • Target Pre-Paid Services suppliers carry most national brands: when customer comes into your store looking for cellular, you’ll have a product that’s right for them.
  • We provide all the marketing materials at no cost!
  • Get all the benefits of Target Pre-Paid Services Terminal prepaid: no inventory, no theft, no up-front payments, and you never run out of the product.
  • Carry the entire line Target Pre-Paid Services to make the highest amount of profit and the greatest number of sales – sweepstakes phone cards, prepaid long distance cards, prepaid cellular, credit card processing and check guarantee.
  • You make huge margins with repeatable, predictable profits.
    WE CARRY ALL THE MAJOR (AND MINOR) BRANDS: AT&T Wireless, T-mobile, Cingular, BOOST, Verizon Wireless, Pageplus Cellular, TracFONE, Buzz

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