The Weather Channel_969

Since the official program from the cable TV station, The Weather Channel is the perfect weather consultant, giving you all the info you need so that you will not be left from the cold.

All-purpose weather app

Even the Weather Channel is a very simple but highly navigable program that provides you just the right quantity of weather information that will assist you prepare for the day ahead. The homepage shows current conditions, from which you can swipe to get more detailed information including humidity, reliability and UV index.

Swipe down further to get an hourly or 10-day prediction, as well as Radar information, an especially cool feature that outlines cloud coveragerain, or snow, relative temperatures, or UV indicator, laid out over a map.

Clicking More on at least one of these sections will give you detailed information about present or anticipated weather conditions. Unlike the iOS version, the Android variant also includes a section for videos which allows you view weather-related news in the The Weather Channel.Join Us website

One other excellent feature of The Weather Channel program is your social function. It lets you report the weather from where you are with the option to add photographs, revealing real-time information from other users. If you decide to examine the weather conditions in your location, you have to wait at least 15 minutes before it is possible to record again.

If you are concerned about severe weather, then you can get alarms of extreme weather to get any of your stored locations, in addition to for pollen.

Sleek as ice

The port of this Weather Channel is minimal and sleek, with good background graphics and nice tiled sections which you can easily swipe through to find precisely what you’re searching for. You may even alter the settings so the weather has been recorded in metric or imperial units.

Besides it is good interface, the app is actually simple to navigate, and the majority of the choices are obtained right by scrolling via the site. To add cities, just click on + in the top right hand corner of the screen; switch them by either swiping left or right.

Never leave home without your phone… or your coat

If you want a little more info than that which your cellular device’s stock weather program can give, The Weather Channel is a trustworthy source that’s created a good looking program that will help you to get all your weather-related news in the palm of your hand.


  • Amazing interface
  • Simple to navigate
  • a Lot of information
  • Nice societal attributes


  • In-app adds can be somewhat disheartening