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It’s also worth noting that – like whatever microphone you use – your editing software is just a means to an end. The quality of your podcast will ultimately be decided by its content, and no editing software or DAW can guarantee you growing an audience.

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If you’re prepared to spend time and money on getting first class audio quality with your podcast, then Audition is a stand out option. Another key use of podcast editing software is a process known as “post-processing”.

Both the participants are recording the podcast on different locations from their respective microphones. After the podcast’s completion, one participant will send the audio to incorporate it in the final file of the podcast.

The biggest thing to understand about these programs is, in all versions, the focus is the editing process and how to produce the best audio imaginable. Modifiers, synthesizers, layering audio clips, and a variety of plug-ins are available specifically with the intent to give the user full creative control to express themselves however they choose. Our writers spent 2 hours researching the most popular podcast recording software on the market.

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Yes, you can use podcast recording apps like Ringr or the GarageBand app to record a podcast on your phone. However, I’m in the camp of using software and tools that are built for specific uses. Logic Pro – and other software tools like Pro Tools – are no doubt high-quality software options. But they’re built for music production – not podcast production. While I’ve heard Reaper mentioned in the podcasting space a few times, I haven’t tried it myself. We do have a couple of podcasters in our membership community, Podcasters’ Paradise, who use the tool and who have good things to say about.

When choosing a program to use in order to record and/or edit your podcast, it can get overwhelming. There are free options, cheap options, and of course expensive options. The correct one for you is up to you to decide but, with this in mind, we’ve pulled together frequently-used software tools into a nice list, ready for you to explore these options. We are new to recording although I used to be sound tech for a Vineyard church years ago. My husband will be recording for a radio show and your pointers are invaluable! Now to find a royalty free music clip and we’ll be all set.

Then you can download your finished episode or have Alitu publish it directly to a linked hosting service. For recording music, see our reviews of the best music production software. If you’re ready to invest in expert-level podcast production software, Adobe Audition is a relatively easy-to-use way to get professional-quality results. It’s ideal for those already subscribed to other apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite that it can integrate seamlessly with, but Audition is also available separately. "Includes all the tools you could need for recording, editing, mixing, composing, and more." That covers some of the best podcast recording and editing platforms. Also, note that here we are recording a podcast with two participants.

This is where you clean up any background noise, ensure that volume levels are consistent throughout, and that the overall volume of the episode is within generally accepted podcasting standards. People come to podcasting with different backgrounds, skills, experiences, commitments, ambitions, and budgets. And those are just a few factors that might help decide what the best podcast editing software for someone is. Reaper offers a multitude of online tutorials to give the user an exact idea of how to make and produce their audio, making it a great option for those just beginning in the field. It allows you to record directly to the software, adjust your pitch, drag and drop tracks or cues, and customize the layout and design in a way that works best for you. User friendly, Reaper is the best podcast software that is both accessible and simplistic. The first thing you need to know at the Tracktion software is that there are multiple different versions of the software , each with certain features that make them stand out.

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All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust. If you think you’ll be set with your recording basically as it is, you can jump right to building your episode, where Alitu runs its automated processing to clean up your audio. Otherwise, you can go into the editor to make your own custom edits, whether it’s rearranging and trimming your segments or cutting out unwanted noises or silences. You can also adjust your intro and/or outro music, like how long it runs and how it transitions to your content.

A great application for podcasters who want to record straight from the smartphones . Release video soundbite of your podcasts on social media for more effective digital marketing. You no longer need a full recording studio or expensive digital audio workstations to record audio – just a computer and a few simple tools like Audacity.